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The agrotop nozzle range has the perfect solution for all kind of chemical applications in agriculture spraying, horticulture, fruit-growing or viticulture.

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Agrotop Spray Nozzles and Accessories for Modern Crop Protection

Spray nozzles from agrotop are designed for progressive agriculture. Responding to the needs of the most successful professional farmers and applicators, Agrotop has developed products customised for their specific needs. Through continuous research, agrotop has become a proven leader in drift reduction spray technology.

Sprayer speed, application rate, droplet spray spectra, pressure range and drift reduction are the important factors in all crop protection efforts.

How the Agrotop Venturi AirMix® nozzle works

Airmix Nozzles Western AustraliaThe Venturi AirMix® nozzles, have two main parts, the injector and the distribution tip. The orifice of the injector determines the flow rate, therefore the size of the injector determines the size of a Venturi nozzle. The injector is also the part where the air is injected into the liquid flow, using the “Venturi principle”. Air and liquid are mixed, forming larger droplets with air bubbles inside.

The second component of a Venturi nozzle is the distribution tip, responsible for the spray pattern. The air-filled bubbles produced by the Venturi nozzles are much larger than the “normal” droplets of a standard nozzle, for the same pressure and size.

When the air-filled droplets of a Venturi nozzle hit a surface, e.g. a leaf, the bubbles burst, distributing finer droplets all over the surface, improving the coverage. Larger droplets provide better penetration, even in dense canopies. The bursting droplets guarantee an excellent coverage, sometimes even on the underside of the leaves.

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