Hardi Backpack / Knapsack Sprayers

The 15 and 20 litre HARDI Backpack / Knapsack sprayers are built to last from high quality material for long life, with readily available parts. The tanks are light weight for easy lifting. These Backpack sprayers feature a leak proof tank design with piston pump for easy cleaning and maintenance.

With Pressure up to 3 bar, they are ideal for insecticide, fungicides and herbicides. The supplied Controlled Fluid Valve is used for spraying herbicides. It only sprays at 1 bar, thus ensuring correct pressure for the herbicide nozzles.

The tank is not pressurized. Spraying is controlled from the trigger valve. The sprayer is made up of a few parts with no special tools needed for maintenance. A graduated 250ml measuring cup included.

Backpack / Knapsack sprayers are ideal for:

  • Inter-row spraying
  • Areas difficult to access
  • Spraying of large areas such as lawns

1.5 litre general purpose pressure sprayer HARDI 1.5 litre SPRAYER

The HARDI P-1.5 Compression sprayer is a handy 1.5 litre general purpose sprayer. To fill, the pump assembly is unscrewed from the tank. To spray, the pump is used to pressurize the tank. Over-pressurizing the tank is not possible.

Spraying is controlled from the quick acting trigger valve. The spray pattern can be adjusted from 45 degrees cone spray to solid stream. Maximum spray reach is 5m. Spray quality is from a fine mist to coarse drops.

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