Hardi Swift

Suited to the lifestyle farmer, garden lover, hobby farmer, estate owners, nursery professionals, grounds keeper, municipal and industrial caretakers.

SWIFT is ideal for:

  • Spot Spraying
  • Controlling pest and disease
  • Applying liquid fertilizers
  • Industrial applications
  • All tanks are made of tough, transparent, UV stabilised synthetic materials. Contents indicator moulded into the tank wall. Built-in carry handles ease lifting and handling. Pump and controls well protected by the tank.

HARDI SWIFT 25, 50 & 100 litre sprayers comes with a recessed pump, moulded in carry handles for easy loading onto a trailer or utility and spray lance. Tank is designed to minimises residue.

For more information and competitive quotes on Hardi Swift Sprayers available at Sprayline, please contact us.

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