Quantum Mist

Growing high-quality produce is the key to profitability and nothing is more important than ensuring your spray coverage gives your crop maximum protection.

Tower Sprayer

The Quantum Mist Tower Sprayer ideal for growers of high value intensive tree crops such as pip and stone fruit or avocados.

With three Quantum Mist heads per side, the Tower Sprayer provides much more precise application to each sector of the tree, with a total of 24 nozzles per tree-canopy side compared to a conventional sprayer with around 10 nozzles per side.

Better coverage with faster travel speeds makes total economic sense and is exactly what growers are discovering with the Quantum Mist tower sprayer.

Vineyard Sprayer

Single, two, three or more rows in many canopy configurations can be successfully covered with each spray head totally adjustable to achieve the best results. whether your block or canopy is large or small, there is a Quantum Mist model to suit your purpose.

In addition to the standard model Croplands offer a full range of options for sprayers

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