Hypro Pumps

With the largest selection of models, Hypro allows you to match the right pump to your equipment and task. Hypro centrifugal pumps are ideal for chemical spraying and transfer applications.

The broad, versatile line includes models with rugged housings of cast iron, stainless steel and polypropylene that stand up to strong chemical attack. Stainless steel pumps are ideal for use with Roundup® or other acid applications.

All of the Hypro centrifugal pumps share these quality features:

• Compatible with corrosive, abrasive and general use chemicals
• Models with high volume (440gpm), highpressure (190 psi) capabilities
• Nylon, polypropylene, or GTX impellers on most models
• Hydraulically-driven models feature high-efficiency, cast-iron hydraulic motor
• Hydraulic motor equipped with proprietary double-lip Teflon seals
• Life Guard® silicon carbide mechanical seals standard on all stainless steel pumps and available in select cast iron and polypropylene models (See page 53 for details.)
• Viton mechanical seals standard on cas tiron and polypropylene models
• Standard shafts are stainless steel
• Stainless steel wearring for extended life on cast iron models
• Hydraulically-driven pumps are max performance tested using proprietary software

Low Pressure Agriculture Pumps
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For more information and competitive quotes on Hypro Pumps available at Sprayline, please contact us. Selecting the right pump for a spraying system requires consideration of pump type, how it will be driven, pressure and flow.

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