Quik Corp

Quik Corp (Aust) Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of premium quality remote control retractable hose reel systems used throughout the world in agriculture, horticulture, fire fighting and mining, as well as fulfilling numerous applications in the industrial and commercial sectors.


Quik Spray

Quik Spray chemical sprayer and  high pressure sprayers Perth

The Quik Spray chemical sprayer is Quik Corp's foremost product and, being unique, is the only remote control retractable hose reel system of its kind worldwide.

Quik Spray chemical spraying systems, Quik Reel pneumatic pruning equipment, Quik Blast high-pressure cleaning systems and Quik Spray fire fighting equipment are developed and built to suit customers' individual requirements. These include differing sizes and capacities of pumps, motors, hoses, tanks and the number of hose reels on each system.

This is an outstanding benefit to our customers as it allows them to design a system best suited to their specific application.

For more information and competitive quotes on Quik Spray systems available at Sprayline, please contact us.

Quik Spray chemical sprayers Perth

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