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Spray Guns & Gauges

At Sprayline we make available a range of spray guns & pressure gauges. All spray guns have varing capabilities with adjustable spray shapes, patterns and varing uses such as pest control, agricultural spraying, nurseries, glasshouses & heavy-duty work but to name a few. Spray gun brands include Teejet and Swissmix.

1 Swissmex gun and lance
2 Swissmex gun and extendable lance
3 RL10 gun with 500mm steel lance, adjustable nozzle
4 TeeJet GunJet poly spray gun, 10 bar (150 psi)
5 TeeJet GunJet drip-free spray gun, 17 bar (250 psi)
6 TeeJet forged brass trigger gun, 35 bar (500 psi)
7 TeeJet heavy-duty high pressure gun, 55 bar (800 psi)
8 TeeJet heavy-duty medium pressure gun, 14 bar (200 psi)
9 Turbo 400 with metal grip and protected lever, 50 bar (725 psi)
10 Turbo 400RG gun with ergonomic grip and positive-notch droplet selection, 40 bar (580 psi)
11 Evolution turbine gun, 60 bar (850 psi)
12 Spot spray gun, pistol type, 40 bar (580 psi)
L-G1426 Isometric pressure gauge, 63mm, 1/4” bottom-entry
L-G1432 Pressure gauge, 63mm, 1/4” bottom-entry
L-G1626 Isometric pressure gauge, 100mm, 3/8” bottom-entry


For more information and quotes on Spray guns & gauges made available at Sprayline, please contact us.

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