Annovi Reverberi AR503

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The Annovi Reverberi (AR) range of diaphragm pumps have been industry leaders for more than 60 years. Rugged, reliable and robust, an AR pump will give years of good service if looked after and maintained.
AR medium pressure pumps are rated up to 40 Bar pressure. This range is ideal for hand gun spraying where flow and pressure are important – particularly for spraying brush weeds.
AR503 medium-pressure pumps for small to medium-capacity agricultural spraying. All parts in contact with liquid are plastic-coated. Oil bath crank mechanisms with oil reservoir. Over pressure valve and air chamber supplied as standard. Nuts and bolts with galvanic protective treatment. Desmopan® diaphragm supplied as standard.

Pump input shaft codes / options:
AR503-C:          Pump with 1-3/8” male 6 spline shaft, guard is supplied as standard.
AR503-CSP:     Pump with 1-3/8” male 6 spline shaft & single input 6-hole flange.
AR503-CR:       Pump fitted to 6:1 gearbox
AR503-CRGI:  Pump fitted to 6:1 gearbox and control valve
AR503-SP:       Pump complete with single input 6-hole flange
AR503-T:         Pump with 1-3/8” female 6 spline & chain to mount pump directly to tractor PTO shaft

• 54 litres per minute open flow
• 40 bar maximum pressure
• 1-1/4 inch hose barb suction
• 3/4 inch male BSP thread
• 3 horsepower requirement


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Warren Haines
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Guest Fine Art
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Rodney allan cole
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