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Having a transfer pump fail can cost you big.
Time wasted replacing or repairing is one thing, but time lost not getting fluid where it
needs to go can be even more costly.
A cheaply priced, inferior quality pump becomes very expensive when it’s not working.
Banjo designs our pumps to have less plastic expansion to ensure materials stay put and
don’t separate. This material engineering precision means fewer leaks and fewer
repairs, which keeps you up and running.
Manufactured in the USA from polypropylene, Banjo are viewed as the most reliable and popular poly transfer pump on the market.

• Precision moulded construction
• Lightweight
• Corrosion resistant – ideal for UAN transfer applications
• Superior design
• Low maintenance
• Fitted with Viton (FKM) elastomers
• Available with 2 inch female NPT threads or Banjo M220 series manifold ports.

Options available
2 inch female NPT threads
• BJ-205PO-V bare wet end only, ready to fit onto engine
• BJ-200PH6 fitted to Honda GX200 petrol engine
• BJ-200PHYV fitted to hydraulic motor
• BJ-200PB-V fitted with a ¾ inch keyed bare shaft

Banjo M220 series manifold ports
• BJ-M225PO-V bare wet end only, ready to fit onto engine
• BJ-M220PH6 fitted to Honda GX200 petrol engine
• BJ-M220PHYV fitted to hydraulic motor
• BJ-M220PB-V fitted with a ¾ inch keyed bare shaft


Warren Haines
Warren Haines
Excellent friendly service. Knowledgeable personable staff
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson
Good service and product range
Guest Fine Art
Guest Fine Art
Excellent customer service, always. Many thanks
Rodney allan cole
Rodney allan cole
Gr8 service,informative advice


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