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Sprayline are proud distributors of the Cross Slot brand in Australia. We are able to supply entire seeding units plus a catalogue of spare parts.

Cross Slot® specialise in low disturbance no-tillage openers which achieve ALL of the following:

  1. Minimize soil and residue disturbance during seeding without blocking.
  2. Micro-manage crop residues by replacing them over the sown seed slots.
  3. Create a fail-safe germination and seedling emergence environment.
  4. Place and cover seeds at a consistent depth regardless of variations in surface smoothness, soil density or crop residues.
  5. Band fertilizer separately from, but at the same time as the seeds.

Cross Slot® Openers are expected to increase yields and seeding efficiency whilst also offering the following benefits.

  • Do not block in crop residues
  • Minimize soil and crop residue disturbance
  • Create horizontal instead of vertical seed slots
  • Auto-adjust downforce to match soil hardness
  • Conserve slot water in both liquid and vapour forms
  • Band fertilizer at the same time as seeding (liquid, dry or both)
  • Simultaneously band inoculants with seed (liquid or dry)
  • Enable sequestration of new carbon into the soil
  • Mitigate climate change
  • Regenerate soil health
  • Saves 60-80% fuel, labour and tractor costs
  • Reduced seeding rate with higher germination
  • Reduced irrigation frequency for conserved moisture
  • 10-20 year design life
  • One opener suits all conditions
  • True, one pass low disturbance no-tillage seeding


Warren Haines
Warren Haines
Excellent friendly service. Knowledgeable personable staff
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson
Good service and product range
Guest Fine Art
Guest Fine Art
Excellent customer service, always. Many thanks
Rodney allan cole
Rodney allan cole
Gr8 service,informative advice


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