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Quik Spray® units are built for long-lasting performance. Each unit is carefully hand-assembled here in Australia, by specialist technicians and individually tested to the highest quality standards. Quik Spray has been around for more than 30 years, so you have the peace-of-mind knowing that you are buying not only the best unit on the market, but the only one trusted by tens of thousands of customers world-wide.

Built with a shorter overall length and all the power of the mechanically driven 9TBE unit.

The reels are positioned above the motor and pump to allow for a shorter overall length, so you can fit other equipment or drums on your vehicle. Cover twice as much ground, without any extra effort. The twin reel 9TDE spray unit performs heavy-duty spraying tasks with ease. The dual reels give you up to 200m reach and can retract the hoses at the touch of a button, on a hand-held remote.

Cut your spraying time by 50% and reduce your operating costs

The 9TDE gives you all the benefits of the flagship 9TBE system with mechanically driven reels while saving you space on your vehicle. It fits comfortably on a single cab ute or can also be mounted to a trailer. With tank sizes up to 2000L, you have the ability to utilise two operators at the same time, without interference from one another thanks to the intelligent independent radio-controlled retraction system. You’ll be able to cover twice as much ground, in the same amount of time.


Warren Haines
Warren Haines
Excellent friendly service. Knowledgeable personable staff
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson
Good service and product range
Guest Fine Art
Guest Fine Art
Excellent customer service, always. Many thanks
Rodney allan cole
Rodney allan cole
Gr8 service,informative advice


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