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Sotera Systems offers a line of 12VDC and 115VAC chemical transfer diaphragm pumps for safely dispensing agricultural chemicals with a high degree of accuracy. Sotera pumps are designed to accommodate a wide range of chemicals from pesticides, fertilizers, crop oil, mild acids, to mineral spirits, ethylene glycols, motor oil, and detergents.

Additionally, Sotera Systems offers a full line of Diesel Exhaust Fluids (DEF) products specifically for tote and drum dispensing of DEF fluids into farming equipment such as harvesters, combines, tractors and transport/fleet trucks. Our wide range of mechanical and digital meters plus durable hand pumps will make quick work of properly measuring and dispensing fluids.

The 400 Series Pump incorporates:

  • Corrosion resistant glass-reinforced polypropylene pump with ‘Paraquat’ friendly wetted parts.
  • Santoprene diaphragms
  • The highest flow-rate in its class, with a maximum rate of 50 l/min, up to 28  l/min of Glyphosate or 35 l/min of Trifluralin (temperature & concentration dependent)
  • Maintains constant pressure regardless of load (max Working Pressure, 150 kPa
  • The ability to handle high viscosities (over 1000 cps) and particles up to 2.5mm
  • A proven 1/4 HP, 12V DC motor requiring just 16 amps under normal operating conditions, with Thermal Overload protection


Warren Haines
Warren Haines
Excellent friendly service. Knowledgeable personable staff
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson
Good service and product range
Guest Fine Art
Guest Fine Art
Excellent customer service, always. Many thanks
Rodney allan cole
Rodney allan cole
Gr8 service,informative advice


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