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Sprayline supply a range of spray controllers by Hardi,  keeping all vital spraying functions at your fingertips. By combining a robust and bright colour touchscreen with multi-function joystick, these controllers deliver the highest levels of performance and services overall.

HC 8600 / HC 9600

The HC 9600 and HC 8600 controllers have similar features – the HC 9600 using a high-definition 12.1″ touchscreen and the HC 8600 using a more compact 8.4″ touchscreen.

Both controllers display intuitive tools and real time mapping, as well as guidance, data logging, application reports, GPS controlled spraying, automated steering and more.

Having a single, integrated and purpose-designed workscreen makes it easy to manage critical spraying functions such as GeoSteer, AutoTerrain/ AutoHeight/AutoSlant and AutoSection Control, as well as guidance and dosing.

HC 6500

The HC 6500 is a purpose-built spray computer designed by HARDI, for HARDI sprayers. The colour display gives a clear, up-the-minute picture of the spray job, and all commonly used function switches are grouped onto the HARDI JoyStick for easy operation.

For simplicity, the HC 6500 connects to the tractor via a single cable.

Secondary spray and boom functions, such as AutoSlant, AutoHeight and AutoTerrain, boom folding, and more can be controlled through a co-mounted HC 6400 switchbox.


DynamicFluid4 (DF4) is a powerful, pre-emptive pressure controller that ensures fast, precise control of the spray application rate.

Using  four auto-redundant sensors to monitor fluid pressure, fluid flow, pump rpm and its own valve position, the DF4 controller detects changes that will affect flow at the nozzles (an rpm change, for example) and proactively adjusts system pressure to compensate.

With response rates that far exceed stringent European requirements, DynamicFluid4 is ideal for maintaining target rate through speed changes, cornering, AutoSection switching and turning in headlands.

HC 5500 Controller

The HC 5500 is a versatile spray computer that supports multiple connections, data inputs, sprayer functions and control to make spraying easier, safer and more precise.

The LogicMenu makes it easy to get vital information quickly, and adjust the spray rate on the move.

The HC 5500 can also be integrated with a HARDI SprayBox III to add fingertip control of functions like spray pressure, boom section activation and more.

SprayBox III

The optional HARDI SprayBox III makes it easy to manage spray pressure and boom section activation from the tractor cab, with the reassurance of a manual override in case of electrical failure.

Seamless integration with the HC 5500 computer provides fingertip control.

The SprayBox III can be used to adjust pressure and activate boom sections on the move, while monitoring flow rates and more on the HC 5500.


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